Lawn Improvements

Looking for a lush soft green lawn for the kids to play on and to enjoy of a weekend?

Lawn Improvement Plans

Not happy with the appearance of your lawns? 

Weeds everywhere, thin, hungry-looking shambles, We can help!

It can all get a bit confusing with the information available online regarding your journey to a better quality lawn. Lots of clever marketing to attract you to retail products, quite commonly either diluted or decanted from commercial quantities and sold for 200%+ markup.

Flashy marketing propped up with false promises such as FAST GREEN UP etc. Sure it will green things up fast but so will Urea and Iron however the thatch issues, fungal issues and massive growth spikes probably aren’t inline with your end goals.

But do you really need all these potions and products?
Short answer is probably not and even if you do its probably the wrong format, timing volume, release rate, not safe for your pets, your kids. …….. arrrg HELP!

Your at the point where you know you need help, you need a lawn technician, that’s great because we can actually help you.

Your biggest understanding with lawns will come in the form of patience and regularity. For starters with out regular mowing  (following the 1/3 rule to maintain your height of cut) and consistent water everything past this point becomes less relevant. You need these first 2 things in place as absolute priority.  Secondly your expectations of what you would like your lawns to be and being realistic about them. Manicured cylinder mowed lawns look great but are a massive time investment to maintain. You will  also notice we don’t actively post photos of stock images showing such lawns! Why? Well that would just be misleading you.

How our Lawn improvement schedules work?

We will generally set an appointment to conduct a detailed site inspection / turf consultation with a lawn technician to formulate a plan best suited to your areas of concern, discuss your budget and expectations and put in place regular scheduled visits and recommendations over extended periods of time to lift the overall quality of your areas.

We will work with you to improve your soil health, plant health and the appearance of your lawns. We can also if requested provide a qualified weed control lawn technician to develop a plan to provide solutions to help manage the volume of weeds and un-unfavorable grasses through out your turf as well.

We don’t offer a one size fits all solution that we tank mix and just blast every lawn with. We treat every lawn based off its current condition and treat its current problems.

What do you need to do? Be patient, trust the process and be open about both your budget and your expectations. We will give you real world honest advice and  let you know both your solution, the pathway to it and what it looks like along the way.

We provide Lawn Coring, Areation, Scarifying/Detatching, Topsoiling, Renovation and soil testing as a core function in our day to day business. WHY, well like most things that work they rely on a process and much the same as a recipe unless you follow it, your likely not going to get the result you were hoping for.
We can provide not only your regular lawn improvement visits but also all of your mowing, aeration, scarification, weed control and renovation needs all in the one solution.

Our lawn improvement plans are available in the following suburbs and most places in-between.



  • Lawn Treatments in Elimbah
  • Lawn Treatments in Caboolture South
  • Lawn Treatments in Caboolture
  • Lawn Treatments in Upper Caboolture
  • Lawn Treatments in Morayfield
  • Lawn Treatments in Moorina
  • Lawn Treatments in Burpengary
  • Lawn Treatments in North Harbour
  • Lawn Treatments in Burpengary East
  • Lawn Treatments in Narangba
  • Lawn Treatments in Bellmere
  • Lawn Treatments in Kallangur
  • Lawn Treatments in Petrie
  • Lawn Treatments in Northlakes
  • Lawn Treatments in Lawnton
  • Lawn Treatments in Strathpine
  • Lawn Treatments in Bray Park
  • Lawn Treatments in Braken Ridge
  • Lawn Treatments in Brendale
  • Lawn Treatments in Joyner
  • Lawn Treatments in Warner
  • Lawn Treatments in Cashmere
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