Weed Control

Looking at your lawn full of weeds, prickles and seed heads everywhere isn’t anyone’s idea of a good look. It can also impact the look of your property. Lets fix those weed problems!

Weed Problems

Weed Control in lawns

Weed problems are usually a good sign that many other factors need looking into also, including compaction, moisture, nutrition, turf variety, soil conditions etc.

If you have weed problems in the Moreton Bay Region be it the parkridge estate in Upper Caboolture, Morayfield, Elimbah or even down in Burpengary and Narangba we can assist you with solutions specifically based on the current condition of your lawns, the turf health and the types and stages of existing weed growth present.

A good management plan for weed problems and weed control will always include supporting soil conditioning, regular mowing and nutrition to promote suitable soil conditions, moisture availability and overall plant/turf health. In poor conditions or through periods of little to no maintenance your lawns can experience a multitude of common weed varieties. Broad leaf weeds like Bindi, Clover, Oxalis, Creeping Indigo, Grassy weeds like Crab grass, Summer grass, Paspulum varieties, Sedges like Nut grass, Mullimbimby couch and the list keeps going and going .

Different approaches are required for each weed type and special considerations placed around the turf variety, its health and the predominate turf species overall. For example if you used some of the same chemicals on Blue couch, Buffalo etc as you did Wintergreen couch / TifTuff etc you would not have a lawn left. Sometimes people think they have one type of turf but more often than not its a combination of turf types and grassy weeds. This is where you should be utilising licenced weed control technicians such as Moreton Bay Lawns and Gardens.

We can also offer Pre Emergent weed control solutions that will assist in the dramatic reduction of re germination of existing undesirable seeds within the soil profile helping you gain control of areas much faster than without.

More often than not in the process of obtaining a green lawn and even prior to full lawn renovations, weed control is one of the first things to look at. If you don’t simply treat the weed problems first they will out compete the desired grass in 90% of scenarios.
We can offer scheduled lawn improvement and scheduled weed control visits to improve your lawns and gain control of these issues of lawn weeds without to much hassle.



Weed Types

In Queensland, Australia, as well as in many other places, different types of weeds can be found growing in turf (lawn or grassy areas). Here’s an explanation of the differences between broadleaf weeds, sedge weeds, and grassy weeds in turf:

  1. Broadleaf Weeds in Turf: Broadleaf weeds are a category of weeds that have leaves that are relatively broad and flat. They are dicotyledonous plants, meaning they have two cotyledons (seed leaves) when they first sprout. Broadleaf weeds are easily distinguishable from the surrounding grass as their leaves often have distinct shapes and sizes. Some common examples of broadleaf weeds in turf include dandelions, clover, chickweed, and plantain. These weeds can be problematic in lawns as they compete with the grass for nutrients, water, and sunlight, and their presence can lead to an uneven and unsightly lawn.

  2. Sedge Weeds in Turf: Sedge weeds, on the other hand, are a different type of weed with grass-like characteristics. They are part of the Cyperaceae family and are usually triangular in shape with solid, smooth, and often waxy leaves. Sedge weeds can look somewhat similar to grasses, but they are not true grasses. They thrive in moist or waterlogged conditions and can be particularly troublesome in lawns that are not well-drained. Common examples of sedge weeds in turf include nutsedge (nutgrass) and kyllinga species. Sedge weeds can be more difficult to control than broadleaf weeds due to their unique growth habits.

  3. Grassy Weeds in Turf: Grassy weeds are weeds that belong to the grass family (Poaceae), just like the desirable lawn grass itself. These weeds have narrow, long leaves and are also monocotyledonous, meaning they have a single cotyledon when they sprout. Grassy weeds in turf are problematic because they are challenging to distinguish from the desirable lawn grass, making them difficult to control without causing harm to the lawn. Some common examples of grassy weeds in turf include crabgrass, goosegrass, and annual bluegrass. Proper lawn maintenance practices, such as regular mowing and maintaining healthy turf, can help prevent and control the spread of grassy weeds.

In summary, the key differences between these three types of weeds in turf lie in their leaf characteristics and growth habits. Broadleaf weeds have broad, distinct leaves, sedge weeds have grass-like but distinct triangular leaves, and grassy weeds have narrow, long leaves similar to the desirable lawn grass. Proper identification is essential to implement effective weed control strategies and maintain a healthy and attractive lawn.

Weed control in gardens

Weed problems in gardens are common and are usually a result of a lack of maintenance. A couple pop up, instead of removing or a spraying them out they are left to go to seed where they multiply a massive rates until you have a problem.

Simple applications of quality mulched products, for example cypress in a thickness of 70-100mm will both improve the resistance to weed problems and also be a constant source of organic matter breaking down into the profile improving the soil. Mulching also assists in retaining water at the same time. On properties with larger gardens you can even look to your existing plant/tree growth as a source of mulch through chipping/mulching prunings and offcuts

Once a state of control has been achieved, regular scheduled visits will help keep things in control moving forward.

Weed control in Industrial areas, Gravel areas and Fence lines.

Long term control in these areas can be achieved through the correct application of select herbicides and additives to provide in some cases up to 6 months of control providing environmental conditions allow it and in some cases longer. Weed problems in these areas can be problematic as they weed problems just keep happening over and over. Its just so easy for seeds to fall through the gravel and germinate. Anyone thats ever had a weed problem before knows just how fast weeds grow and come back.

Repetitively just bombing areas with non-selective sprays is neither time-efficient nor effective in the long term with many weed varieties building resistance to herbicides over time.

Keeping your gravel areas free of weeds and looking maintained is not as hard as you have come to expect and your commercial property, acreage property or even the gravel down the side of your house needed be a constant pain for you.

Send through an estimate request and put these issues to rest…

We often have our scheduled lawn mowing clients request weed control services so its not unusual to get a call and slot a weed spray in between jobs such as a lawn service in Caboolture and a Stump grind in Morayfield. But even if you over in Narangba, Burpengary or even Elimbah chances are within the same week we will be doing some hedge trimming or acreage mowing some where close by and be able to fit you in.

If you have someone spraying weeds on your property, ask them if they are Licenced in Qld to do so?


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