Lawn Renovations

Lawns struggling and need some serious TLC?
Lawn renovations are our specialty.

Lawn Renovation Services

Lawn renovations or lawn renos as they are often called are something we tend to do quite a lot of between spring and mid summer. Many people ask us if it is worth going the extra mile and expense to carry out a full lawn renovation. We certainly believe it is well worth the extra commitment. The best time to do this is usually between mid-September to mid-Feburary. However, Queensland’s climate can alter this slightly at times also.

Lawn renovation combines the advanced processes of machine aeration / lawn coring, de-thatching/scarifying, soil testing, specialized fertilization, soil amendments, Insect control, weed management and in some cases top-soiling to promote significant improvements to your grassed areas and a more level landscape.

Moreton Bay Lawns and Gardens is fully equipped to handle all of your lawn renovation needs, we own all of our own equipment and do not rely on heavily worn substandard hire equipment. For example our aerators have a depth ability of 5in (130mm) with over 1000lbs of hydraulic force behind the tines. Check the cores in the youtube video at top of page, seems others come up short more often than not!

So, what is a lawn renovation?

A lawn renovation is the specialized process of combining multiple smaller processes to revive multiple issues that could be seriously hindering your lawns ability to thrive. Intensive lawn renovation processes and scarifying / De-thatching and scalping lawn can seem rather harsh, but the results can be extremely surprising as they undo multiple failings, years of neglect and inattention as well as making the lawn much easier to maintain in the future.  But its not as simple as just doing these things! As with all things it is a combination of the right processes, at the right times and with the right products that will help to ensure you get the right results

12 Benefits of Lawn Renovations

  1. Relieves soil compaction: Compacted soil can prevent air, water and fertilizer from reaching your lawn’s root system, causing dead spots, patches and/or thinning. Soil compaction can also suffocate grass roots, leading to weak, thin grass. By removing cores in the aeration process, soil density is decreased, thus relieving compaction. loosening up the soil and creating space for roots to grow.
  2. Aggressive thatch management: Thatch, the layer of dead grass that accumulates on your lawn can build up to a thick layer, robbing your grass of necessary rain and nutrients and provides a breeding ground for insects and other pests, which can be detrimental to your lawn if left untreated. Core aeration helps manage that build-up by introducing thatch-decomposing microorganisms from the soil to the top of the thatch layer. Processes like scarifying and de-thatching aggressively remove if mechanically
  3. Increases nutrient availability: Aeration and thatch removal allows air, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil. When nutrients penetrate deeper into the root zone, they become available to the turf. This improves the effectiveness of your fertilisation and ongoing watering to promote a healthy turf.
  4. Rectifying pH balances: Applying lime or sulphur during a renovation promotes the change of pH deeper into the soil profile.
  5. Fixes spongy hard to mow lawns: A lawn renovation will remove that spongy thick hard to mow nature your lawn has developed.
  6. Reduced water runoff: If you find your yard has runoff or puddling problems after a rain, aeration could be the fix you need. Especially when top-soiled as the topsoil mixes tend to allow rapid fall through of water into the lower profiles
  7. Improved Root Development: With more space, better nutrition and less negative attributes your lawns roots can grow deeper, leading to a better life system that can better retain water and nutrients and also assist in its ability to out compete weeds.
  8. Better lawn coverage: When you do a lawn renovation, the lawn will have better conditions to grow and better access to nutrients, leading to healthier grass, better appearance and much higher levels of resilience.
  9. More level surfaces: Through the top-soiling component of the process a more level turfed area can be created. However this isn’t just a matter of dumping meters of sand or loam everywhere and hoping for the best. Various things matter such as timing, what type of product is used, the thickness it is applied, the grass species even the current make up of the soil already present.
  10. Improved property appearance: There is no denying that a property with feral overgrown lawns doesn’t quite have the same appeal of the property with green manicured lawns, straight edges and level surfaces, and even if you aren’t a fellow lawn fanatic or a lawn technician we believe everyone can see the beauty in an awesome lawn.
  11. Better Overall Lawn Health: Aeration promotes overall lawn health, leading to a more vibrant and beautiful lawn.
  12. Lawn pride: If your a lawn nut or even some one that appreciated a nice lawn, you have just gotta agree that along with the smell of fresh cut grass, and that feeling of rolling into your drive way to see that awesome lawn you have helped create just makes you smile and if it doesn’t a nice cold beverage admiring your lawns on a Sunday certainly will.

Why should I renovate my lawn?

You should renovate your lawn because it allows the lawn to establish a strong root system before, relieves compaction and allows to nutrients to get exactly where they need to be and provides it with much better conditions to thrive.

How do I ensure the best results?

The best results for lawn renovation are achieved through proper pre-service preparation and post-service care.

For pre-service preparation, you should:

  • Consider marking underground sprinkler heads with flags or stakes
  • Remove personal property & debris such as leaves from the lawn
  • Mow and water your lawn the afternoon before your lawn technician is scheduled to perform your service
  • Gradually reduce the height you lawn is cut at over multiple mows prior to reduce the stress on your lawn

For post-service care, you should:

  • Regularly water your lawn instead of relying on rainfall
  • Mow regularly following the 1/3 rule
  • Avoid over caring for your lawn buy excessive DIY we will give you the tips you need to go from here, and even offer follow up support where needed.

What to expect from Lawn Renovation

In addition to a healthy, lush lawn, here are four things to expect from your lawn aeration service:

  1. Your lawn technician will discuss your goals and budget and keep you informed with what to expect, what to do and why.
  2. Provide feedback on other areas of concern within your turfed area, provide solutions and also advise of any improvements you can make
  3. In approx 1 month offer you a return inspection to touch base with you and discuss how things are filling in
  4. Provide you with ongoing support options to help you move forward with out the worry