Pressure Cleaning

We’ve all seen it, beautiful lush green lawns and razor-sharp edges only to be framed by dirty algae ridden paths, kerbs and driveways.

Pressure Cleaning

Having your driveways and paths cleaned commercially is a surefire way to really complete the appearance of your property especially if you have your Lawns and Gardens looking the part.

Even more so when selling a property, it is one task that is often overlooked but provides such an incredible uplift of the overall property feel and appearance. Providing a clean, well maintained first impression of your property.

So you can just grab the gernie or karcher out and do it on the weekend, you quite enjoy doing the paths its satisfying right? You could but the difference between using homeowner equipment is of no comparison to quality commercial equipment both in the quality of the end result and also in the time taken. We can efficiently and effectively clean various hard surfaces, such as driveways, curbs, paths, garden edging, retaining walls, colourbond surfaces, even patios and pool areas through out the Moreton Bay region and provide quality commercial results.

Quite unlike your own, almost small toy-like electric gernie from the big green building our full commercial set ups utilise onboard pumps generating between 4 and 6 times the flow rates and offer the adaptability of varying pressures to optimise the process for amazing results on even heavily soiled surfaces.

You have probably often seen evidence of inferior attempts at these surfaces, resulting in lines or swirls left in driveways, car parks and paths, shadows left like they were coloured in with a texta. A direct result of small domestic machines unsuitable travel speeds and poor operator knowledge and processes. Never pay a contractor to pressure clean your property if they only have little electric machines and plastic round surface cleaners, ask them prior and see what your actually getting for your money. We know you want value for your money but want results at the same time.

In most cases as our processes provide a much better initial clean and control of exisiting algae/lichen, the appearance of these surfaces stays looking great for much much longer. And if your choosing to seal your hard surfaces you will have a much better clean before sealing then as well.

Pressure Cleaning Projects